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Band Bio

Soultrap is a metal band from the Atlanta, Georgia area. First formed in 2014, the current lineup consists of Aaron Pulce (vocals), Jeffrey "Haze" Hays (guitar), Gregory DuPont (guitar), Nik McFarland (bass), and Marion "beau" Boineau III (drums).

Soultrap's musical style comes from old-school thrash and hard rock with a modern metal mix. The group is heavily influenced by bands such as Lamb of God, Metallica, Pantera, and Trivium and has had the privilege of sharing the stage and performing at festivals with national acts like Drowning Pool, Exodus, Battlecross, Royal Thunder and others. Advertisement through lively performances, street-team promotion, unique merchandising, and social media have gained the band a sizeable following since their inception into the independent metal scene.

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soultrap band atlanta georgia soul trap
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soultrap band atlanta georgia soul trap
soultrap band atlanta metal heavy music
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soultrap band atlanta ga georgia soul tr
soultrap band atlanta ga georgia soul tr
soultrap band atlanta ga georgia soul tr
soultrap soul trap band atlanta ga georg
soultrap soul trap band atlanta ga georg


"I first heard about Soultrap at the Slaughter-Que annual metal festival. I was pleasantly surprised to hear how heavy, but melodic they were. Their stage presence was very energetic, and the crowd responded immediately. I knew I had to get them into my studio. After much discussion about production and process, they came in to lay down a few tracks. Not only are these guys well-seasoned musicians, but very cool people all around. They've been back many times and are very close to having a full album complete. Which will definitely bring worldwide attention to this band. They're welcome back any time!"

 -Matt Washburn | LedBelly Sound Studio (CEO)


“Soultrap has been a band that from the first time I heard them I was immediately hooked, and with every song I listened to I become more and more enthralled with their sound and talent. What separates Soultrap from most other bands is the fact that they are so fluid and solid with everything they do. You will never hear anything half assed or subpar when it comes to them and if you do not believe me then just listen to SEVEN and you will instantly be transformed into their SOUL TRAP. I know I was, and I am glad for it... So, whether you’re looking for killer lead vocals, amazing guitars, epic drumming, or just a rad bass then you really need to look no further than Soultrap. They have it and even more.”

-Renee Onyx | The OA Radio (CEO)

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